Wednesday February 15, 2017

Cloudhead Games Inside The Gallery

Cloudhead Games' The Gallery Ep. 1: Call of Starseed, was one of the first VR games that we covered back in August of last year. The game won all kinds of awards and we found it to be a tremendously compelling Virtual Reality experience. Cloudhead has been running a video log of its production on Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone, which I have been keeping up with. While you have likely seen motion capture before, it is truly interesting to see the actors working inside the VR world while acting out the scenes.

Cloudhead Games has recorded motion capture and voice over for the primary scenes of Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone. Go behind-the-scenes on shoot day with Multi award-winning Narrative Director Mike Wilson, Cinematics Designer Daniel Taylor, and Audio Director Joel Green. Plus, get all-new story teasers with behind-the-scenes footage of a recording session featuring BAFTA-nominated actor Adrian Hough and more.