Wednesday February 15, 2017

Another Day Another Ryzen Information Leak Rumor

Are you suffering from Ryzen information overload yet? No? Me neither. Albeit there is a lot of misinformation out there, and we try our best to shy away from most of that. WCCFTech have a page full of Ryzen Architectural information that is likely too detailed to be all hooey. Just think, we are getting very close to seeing our first hands on glimpses of Ryzen. I have personally put off a system build waiting for Ryzen to show its prowess.

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It means that for the very first time since the early 2000s AMD’s CPUs are no longer at an inherent disadvantage due to Intel’s process lead. From an architectural point of view Zen is a brand new clean-slate design that’s been led from the get-go by accomplished CPU architect Jim Keller. The very same engineer that played a pivotal role in designing the original Athlon XP and Athlon64 processors. The most successful and competitive CPU products in the history of the company.