Tuesday February 14, 2017

T-Mobile Battles Verizon Unlimited by Rolling Back Tethering and Video Throttling

Many would argue that the company should have done this from the get-go, but everyone can at least agree that competition is good: the return of unlimited data on Verizon has prompted T-Mobile to make changes to its own planآ—namely, they are throwing in HD video and 10GB of hotspot usage. These options used to set you back an additional $25 but are now on the house thanks to Verizon's generosity. Wow, what's next? Unlimited data that is actually, you know, unlimited?

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آ…streaming video will no longer be limited to 480p, and instead will be capped at "HD." In addition, ONE customers will now have 10GB of high-speed hotspot data, matching Verizon's offering. Previously, T-Mobile limited tethering to 512Kbps unless you signed up for the ONE Plus plan or purchased $3 24-hour passes for faster speeds. T-Mobile told Ars Technica that the 24-hour passes are staying, but they are free - you just have to turn it on when you want HD video. T-Mobile ONE pricing is still the same $70/month for one line ($10 less than Verizon's Unlimited plan), but a promotion was also announced for $100/month for two lines. These changes will go into effect February 17 for both existing and new customers, but existing customers will have to, "activate their new features in the T-Mobile app or at my.t-mobile.com."