Tuesday February 14, 2017

Qualcomm Announces 802.11ax Wi-Fi Chips: Faster Speeds, Better Coverage

Qualcomm is introducing two new products to herald in the successor to 802.11ac: the IPQ8074 SoC for routers and QCA6290 chip for laptops and other clients. Aside from the obvious and expected improvements (better speeds [up to 4.8Gbps] and superior coverage), 802.11ax also does a much better job at serving multiple devices more efficiently. Best of all is that ax isn’t limited to the 5GHz band, which means you can actually take advantage of it if you’re multiple walls away.

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Qualcomm has announced a pair of chips compatible with the new 802.11ax standard. The IPQ8074 is a quad-core 14nm SoC for wireless routers and enterprise access points, and it promises peak speeds of as much as 4.8Gbps across eight 5GHz streams and four 2.4GHz streams, though that peak theoretical speed won't necessarily be what you can expect to see from client devices. On the client side, the QCA6290 chip for laptops, smartphones, and tablets promises peak speeds of 1.775Gbps across two streams.