Tuesday February 14, 2017

Microsoft Shelves All February Security Updates

Microsoft wants you to know what Patch Tuesday would be like if there were no patches to actually download, as an "issue" is forcing that very circumstance. My first thought was that there was just an unforeseen bug in one of the fixes, but some are saying this could do with the "Security Updates Guide," which succeeds the traditional security bulletin and, evidently, wasn’t well planned in terms of how it would roll out. Others suggest that updates, now being cumulative, have just gotten too darn big to eloquently manage.

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Microsoft today took the unprecedented step of postponing an entire month's slate of security updates for Windows and its other products just hours before the patches were to begin rolling out to customers. "We discovered a last-minute issue that could impact some customers and was not resolved in time for our planned updates today," Microsoft said in a post to the MSRC (Microsoft Security Research Center) blog. "After considering all options, we made the decision to delay this month's updates."