Tuesday February 14, 2017

LG G6 Promises Superior Sound with Upgraded Quad-DAC

If you have a V20, feel free to comment on its sound quality, as that should give us a good idea of what the G6 will offer with its version of the ESS DAC. Obviously, there are USB solutions out there for phones that aren’t so sexy in the sound component department, but LG’s stuff lets you carry or deal with one less thing. I am actually totally okay with shabbier sound when I’m outside, but it is nevertheless nice to see companies caring about things beyond resolution and thinness.

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آ…the G6 will feature an ESS-designed 32-bit quad-DAC system, as an upgraded version of the system found in last year’s LG V20. In addition to the improved sound quality found in the V20, LG is touting the new DAC’s ability to control the left and right earbuds independently to more accurately balance sound. The inclusion of the quad-DAC is in line with LG’s inclusion of an analog headphone jack, and could help differentiate the G6 among competitors like Apple’s iPhone 7 with an emphasis on wired audio while most of the industry shifts to a focus wireless technology. We’ll find out more about the G6 when it gets officially announced on February 26th at Mobile World Congress.