Monday February 13, 2017

Proposal to Send Leaking Journalists to Prison

OH HELL NAW! We knew Intel was probably a bit pissed when we reviewed the new Kaby Lake processor a month before its official launch, but we did not see this coming! On a serious note, this is going after the likes of journalists that have access to to Top Secret and Classified materials specific to governments and economies. But when does slagging an unworthy product become harm to economic well-being if it is something that everyone buys. Worth noting this is not being discussed in the USA, but rather the UK.

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Campaigners have expressed outrage at new proposals that could lead to journalists being jailed for up to 14 years for obtaining leaked official documents. The major overhaul of the Official Secrets Act آ– to be replaced by an updated Espionage Act آ– would give courts the power to increase jail terms against journalists receiving official material.

And this concludes our political discussion for the day. As always, take it to the Soapbox.