Monday February 13, 2017

How HDMI 2.1 Makes Big-Screen 4K PC Gaming Even More Awesome

As we reported on last month, a new version of the HDMI standard is soon upon us. Many of you know that I use a large 4K TV as my primary monitor on my desktop. As fantastic as this solution has been, I've always wondered what if. What if I could have higher refresh rates than 60hz, or what if I could have 12bit color depth at 4k. Well, CNET's Geoff Morrison has an interesting article up (beware of the autoplay video) about how the new HDMI 2.1 standard may make this a reality, and may allow for a new Game Mode Variable Refresh Rate in TV's.

If this happens, I wonder if Nvidia will allow us to use it, or if they will restrict us to their proprietary G-Sync standard.

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But now, thanks to the new HDMI 2.1 specification, future TVs could eliminate -- or at least diminish -- many of those compromises. The greater bandwidth possible with 2.1 means higher resolutions and higher framerates, but that's not all. The Game Mode VRR feature could potentially improve input lag, bringing TVs in closer parity to computer monitors for this important spec. It could also remove, or at least reduce, two serious visual artifacts: jutter and image tearing.