Monday February 13, 2017

Why are All Windows Drivers Dated June 21, 2006?

I can't say I ever asked myself this question, or even noticed that all generic drivers had the same date, but once pointed out I have to admit I was curious. The Old New Thing has a brief write-up keeping us in the know, and the answer makes plenty of sense when you think about it.

The more you know...

Thanks to forum user Tawnos for pointing me towards the original link.

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Why are all Windows drivers dated June 21, 2006? Don't you ever update drivers? Are you just a bunch of slackers?

What's more, the date of June 21, 2006 applies even to drivers like Storage Spaces, which didn't even exist in 2006! Has the Research division been using their time machine again?

The dates on all Windows drivers are set to June 21, 2006. The version number increases over time, but the timestamp stays put.