Sunday February 12, 2017

Who Needs 4K When You've Got 8K

Not that you have to look at them all, but here are over 7,000 8K screenshots for your perusal. As someone who still games in 1080p, this is the kind of thing that is supposed to make me feel jealous and inferior, right? Not really, but I will say that these are pretty.

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The gaming industry has spent the last couple of years talking up the beauty of 4K, but forget that. 8K is the real deal, people. The screenshots are courtesy of a Flickr gallery curated by user Xanvast, who has uploaded more than 7100 shots of games in glorious 8K resolution. I've resized the photos down from their original 8K resolution to 1080p for size considerations, but you can view the gallery in full here. The photos are ridiculously pretty. Scrolling through the entire gallery just makes me want to update my desktop wallpaper. Or wallpapers, really. It's basically an album of gamer porn.