Sunday February 12, 2017

Verizon Brings Back Unlimited Data Plan on 4G Network

Uhآ…didn’t Verizon just make a video about how nobody needs unlimited data? So much for that; you can now burn up as much data as you want for $80 a monthآ—although hitting 22GB will initiate a throttle. Reading the early comments, people seem to be totally okay with the pricing, although I am pretty sure my grandfathered plan is still cheaper. I take it Verizon is just going to terminate it and force more monies out of me?

Verizon just made a rather surprising weekend announcement: unlimited data plans are coming back. The carrier says that beginning tomorrow, it will offer what it's calling Verizon Unlimited. The plan will cost $80 for an individual line or $45 for each line on a four-line family plan. (Paperless billing and AutoPay must be enabled for those prices.) Customers will get full LTE speeds until they reach 22GB of usage, after which they’ll be subject to reduced data speeds and de-prioritization. Hotspot tethering آ— up to 10GB at LTE speeds آ— is included, are as calls and texts to Mexico and Canada. Verizon Unlimited also allows for 500MB-per-day roaming in those countries.