Sunday February 12, 2017

Larger Variant of Galaxy S8 Will Be Dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S8+

I hope Apple hasn’t trademarked the use of the word "Plus" for designating a larger or higher-end device yet. In similar convention, Samsung has decided to use a plus symbol to differentiate the larger model. Also gone is the "Edge" moniker, as both models feature a curved screen this time. Looking at the rumored sizes of both phones, you could actually get away with tagging both as "plus" modelsآ—the regular S8 is merely .3 inches smaller than the 6-inch S8+.

News Image

آ…thanks to a leak from the famous Evan Blass, we now have an official logo for the larger of the two Samsung handsets - the Galaxy S8+. Just like last year's Galaxy S7 and S6 before it, we're expecting Samsung to release two variants of the S8 - the main difference between the two versions likely being screen size. However, unlike the past two iterations that featured the 'edge' moniker, Samsung will ditch that as a result of both the S8 and S8+ expected to feature curved, bezel-less displays. Up until this point, we've been calling the larger version of the S8 the 'S8 Plus", but Blass's latest leak reveals that the 'plus' branding will feature the + symbol rather than having it spelled out. This isn't a big deal at all, but our guess is that the move was made as to not be too obvious about copying Apple's branding with the iPhone.