Sunday February 12, 2017

Hackers Make Game Boy, Mega Drive, SNES Games Playable on NES Mini

Playing Genesis games on an NES? That’s like, sacrilege, right? You’ll probably have to get a controller with more than two buttons (e.g., Wii Classic Controller) to enjoy them in full, but you can very well play everything from Mega Drive to Game Boy games on the NES Mini now. Is it still hard to find stock?

آ…the budget system is pretty easy to hack, with those keen to use the tiny box for more games finding a way within weeks, rather than the months or years similar efforts can take on other Nintendo consoles. Rather quickly there were people finding ways to add their own games, to the point that the whole NES library came into play. Of course, hacking the system is legally questionable - due to the use of unofficial ROMS etc - and has the potential to disrupt it further. In any case, we seem to have gone down the rabbit hole now, as some have found a way to run a well-known bit of emulation software. It's not pretty in terms of user interface, but as the video below shows the NES Mini is capable of running Game Boy, Mega Drive and SNES games, albeit there are occasional choppy moments with the 16-bit titles; this may improve as the hackers work on the exploit further.