Sunday February 12, 2017

Clock Speeds and Pricing Leaked for Entire AMD Ryzen Lineup

More ammunition for the Ryzen hype gun, it seems. (Hit the link for the charts, as they are on the longer side.) While these new prices are not a perfect match to previous leaks, the notion that AMD’s upcoming effort will be pretty competitive standsآ—the author thinks that Intel will even drop the pricing of Kaby Lake in response to all of this. In other news, Ryzen CPUs may require special coolers.

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Clock speeds and pricing have been leaked for AMD's entire Ryzen lineup, from high-end 8-core processors all the way low-end quad-cores. These new Chinese prices and CPU clock speeds are included below, though it is worth noting that the previously leaked R7 1800 model was missing from the list. We have converted the prices included in this leak to USD, taking into account the current exchange rate and China's 15% sales tax. Wh have compared these prices to previously leaked US prices, with end prices being very similar. These prices should not be considered final US prices, but as a ballpark figure which showcases Ryzen as a highly competitive product.