Saturday February 11, 2017

Subaru Secures Permit to Test Self-Driving Car in California

Welp, California’s highways are about to get even uglier. (Hey, I am a huge WRX STI fan, but you know this is going to be one ugly car.) Subaru has a somewhat long list of reputable car makers who are dabbling with smart cars, which includes BMW, Ford, Honda, and Nissan. While Tesla seems way ahead of the game on stuff like this, the Japanese automaker suggests it should have functions such as automatic lane switching by 2020. I wonder if a WRC with autonomous cars would be fun to watch?

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The California DMV has added Subaru as the latest member of its list of companies clear to test autonomous driving technology on state roads, bringing the exclusive club to 22 members in total. Subaru is the car-making wing of Japanese transportation company Fuji Heavy Industries, and makes vehicles including the popular Forester and Outback lines. Subaru already offers advanced driver assist features via its ‘EyeSight’ branded options, with plans to introduce new features including traffic jam autonomous navigation and steering, which is designed to work in traffic with speeds of up to 40 mph. The company also aims to offer highway driving semi-autonomy capabilities by 2020, which will include lane switching and following the road round bends and curves.