Saturday February 11, 2017

NSA Adds Windows 10 and Surface to List for Classified Use

Microsoft has published a blog post bragging about how Windows 10 is the most secure OS they have ever made. In fact, it has even been officially cleared for classified government useآ—NSA workers can now deck the halls with Surface hardware, which have been determined to be the only devices that can "meet the highest security requirements for use in classified environments." Another talking point is "Surface Enterprise Management Mode" (SEMM), a feature that can lock down a device at the firmware level and maintain those permissions even in the event of theft.

The company has announced that Windows 10 has been added to the list of NSA's Commercial Solutions for Classified Programs (CSfC). Similarly, the Surface Pro 3, Pro 4, and Book are the only hardware devices running Windows 10 that meet the "high security requirements". Microsoft also says that it has added another layer of hardware security for Surface devices called Surface Enterprise Management Mode (SEMM). This enhanced layer of security allows IT managers in organizations to take ownership, lock down, and modify hardware configurations, networking capabilities and application access within the device firmware. SEMM can be deployed on Surface Pro 4, Book, and Studio. Additionally, the company is also extending device management in Windows 10 by bringing more security settings to MDM solutions with the upcoming Creators Update.