Saturday February 11, 2017

Munich May Be Dumping Linux for Windows 10

Not that I even knew about the German government adopting Linux at a massive scale, but apparently, they have gotten tired of it and are moving back to Microsoft’s serving. Currently, Munich is running on a version of Ubuntu called LiMux, but if the right proposals are approved, it’s Windows 10 time. Was Linux just too slow, even for government sloths? Or did Satya buy the right people some yachts? Who knowsآ…

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آ…if the personnel committee wins approval for its proposal next, Munich's desktops will be running Windows all the way. In the interim, the committee suggested, city workers should still be able to run Windows or LiMux as they choose. "The mayor was against free software from the beginning," said Matthias Kirschner, the president of Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). "When he was elected, he took pride in getting Microsoft to move their office to Munich [a move that took place last September]. He even gave this study to Accenture, which is a Microsoft partner." According to Kirschner, Munich's IT problems are not so much down to the use of free software as they are the result of poor management and organizational structure, a view backed up by Accenture's study.