Saturday February 11, 2017

Destiny 2 Is on Course for a Fall 2017 Release

This is where I should rave about the franchise and how I can’t wait to see how Bungie tops the work they did on the original, but alas, I still haven’t gotten around to playing Destiny yet. (It being not on PC might have something to do with itآ…) But considering the game certainly has its fair share of fans (with millions of daily players, supposedly), I will go ahead and report that the sequel is coming as early as this year. The real news, though, happened way, way back in 2012, when contracts revealed that the sequel is definitely being released on the PC.

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Destiny fans have been eagerly anticipating a true sequel to the first-person shooter that originally debuted in 2014. While rumors and speculation hinted that Destiny 2 wouldn’t arrive until early 2018, Activision has officially revealed the successor will debut in fall 2017. "Full Destiny sequel in 2017 to broaden the franchise’s global reach, which along with follow-on content plans, sets the stage for growth," says a slide as part of Activision’s investor call this week. Little is known about Destiny 2, but rumors have suggested Bungie might reset character progress and bring the title to the PC. Destiny struggled during its first year with a fragmented storyline, but recent expansions have shaped the game so that players truly understand why they're defending Earth against hordes of different alien races.