Thursday February 09, 2017

Nvidia Updates Shield Tablet to Android 7.0 Nougat

You’ve got to love long-term support. Nvidia is certainly good on thisآ—the company updated their Shield TV to Nougat recently, and now it is the Tablet’s turn for 7.0. There is some really nice stuff here, like multitasking, shield controller support, and even improved power consumption. I’ll get one when they start using an AMOLED displayآ…

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SHIELD Experience 5.0 will start to roll to NVIDIA Tablets today and will be staged over the next few days to make sure no issues arise. It brings Android 7.0 with multi-window support and quick switch between apps by double tapping the Overview button, bundled notifications and quick reply, better notification management, better battery standby through doze, Unicode 9 emojis, customizable Quick Settings tiles, and plenty of improvements under the hood like a new JIT compiler for faster app and system updates, and more. It also adds support for the new SHIELD Controller, the one that ships with the new SHIELD TV (2017) boxes.