Thursday February 09, 2017

Intel: Cannonlake Will Be over 15 Percent Faster Than Kaby Lake

We’ll have to wait until Cannonlake’s debut in the second half of the year before we can get some real numbers, but the bigwigs at Intel want you to believe that the improvement will be similar to the jump from Skylake to Kaby Lake. You might say that Cannonlake is kind of a big deal, being the company’s first 10-nm chipآ—even if the performance increase turns out to be so-so, maybe it will impress on the lower power consumption thing. The article would suggest that Intel is totally invested in performance improvements thanks in large part to eSports and other elements of gaming.

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Intel’s upcoming Cannonlake chips will deliver a performance improvement of more than 15 percent compared to its Kaby Lake chips, said Venkata Renduchintala, president of the Intel Client and Internet of Things businesses and Systems Architecture Group. Intel didn’t provide exact numbers at the company’s annual investor day Thursday, but the projection is based on the SysMark benchmark. Detailed performance improvement numbers will emerge over time. The performance improvements from Skylake to Kaby Lake topped out at 15 percent. The CPU performance boost for Cannonlake should be at least that, Intel said.