Wednesday February 08, 2017

Intel Celeron/Pentium/Core i3/i5/i7 - NVIDIA vs. AMD Linux Gaming Performance

Those Open Source fanatics over at Phoronix have a nice comparison of how 5 different Intel CPU's with 5 different AMD and Nvidia GPU's perform in some of the most popular games available in Linux. They keep the commentary short and sweet, and mostly let their results do the talking, so if you like nice charts full of data pitting hardware against hardware, be sure to head on over there and check them out.

There don't appear to be any major surprises, other than maybe that the AMD GPU's seem to be performing slightly worse under Linux than they do under Windows, but it is still nice see a good comparison. Personally, I wish more titles would work well under Linux. I transitioned to Linux as my main operating system long ago, but still keep a Windows install around for my gaming needs.

News Image

If you've been weighing CPU and GPU options for a Linux gaming system upgrade, hopefully you found these multiple data points useful. Those wishing to see how their own GPU/CPU compare to the assortment of hardware used in this article, simply install the Phoronix Test Suite and run phoronix-test-suite benchmark 1702083-RI-KABYLAKEG39.