Wednesday February 08, 2017

HackerOne Raises $40 Million to Make the Internet Safer for Everyone

HackerOne, a security vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty platform, has announced that they have raised $40 million in new funding in a series C investment round led by Dragoneer Investment Group. The company seeks to strengthen it's already strong position as an independent bug bounty service, to make bug bounty programs available to organizations which may not be large enough to establish their own.

This sounds like a good venture to me. Anything that can get more eyeballs on security problems and fix them before they are exploited in the wild benefits all of us.

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"The best thing we ever did for security was start a bug bounty program."

These are the words Sheryl Sandberg spoke as she discussed the success of the program Alex Rice had established at Facebook in 2012. Shortly after, Alex joined forces with hackers from Holland, and HackerOne was founded to make the best practices of bug bounty programs available and affordable for all.