Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Wednesday February 08, 2017

E3 Opens to the Public For the First Time Ever

There is an announcement up on Gamespot today that E3 will for the first time be opening their doors to the public this year. (Warning, linked site contains a video which starts playing automatically.) A total of 15,000 tickets will be sold to the public at $250 a piece, or $150 as part of a February 13th early-bird special. The tickets allow access to the show floor as well as panel discussions and other events.

The show is scheduled for June 13th through 15th this year, in Los Angeles.

For years now, there have been calls to open E3 to the public. The ESA conducted an experiment of sorts for this in 2016 with its E3 Live event, which was free and open to the public. It was located outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center, the site of E3, and attendees could go hands-on with upcoming games and take part in other events. There was "incredible attendee enthusiasm" for this event, the ESA's senior VP of communications, Rich Taylor, tells GameSpot. So the next step was to invite fans to actually walk the halls of E3 and get closer to the action.