Tuesday February 07, 2017

VR Evangelist Claims That Apple AR Headset Will Arrive This Year

Is Apple’s next revolutionary product arriving soon? Yes, says, Robert Scoble, who made a name for himself as Microsoft’s "technology evangelist" and currently authors for UploadVR. Hold on, did I say revolutionary? Scratch that; MS kind of did it first with HoloLens. But I suppose it should be interesting to see how Apple’s version sells, as Microsoft’s attempt reportedly isn’t doing too hot (in terms of sales, anyway). And, at the very least, you can assume that the fruit company’s headset will at least look mildly more fashionable.

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Citing "many sources" situated "at the highest levels," Scoble reiterated his previous speculation that Apple would release an augmented reality headset soon. During the Feb. 5 "This Week in Tech" show with Leo Laporte, Georgia Dow, and Peter Cohen, Scoble presented little additional information than he had before, but moved up his prediction to an announcement as soon as the summer of 2017, but left open the possibility of the date slipping until 2018. Scoble suspects that an announcement may be in conjunction with an Apple headquarters announcement, or possibly the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Scoble expects a very lightweight pair of glasses, with the electronics on other places on your body, such as in an iPhone or other wearable. "This is Tim Cook's legacy," Scoble said regarding a possible announcement. "In fact, it's Steve Jobs's legacy too."