Tuesday February 07, 2017

Teen's Dell Laptop Bursts into Flames Four Times

Don’t you hate it when you are sitting in your living room, playing video games and drinking Mountain Dew, when a laptop next to you blows up? That is exactly what happened to this unfortunate teenager. Worse, the laptop decided to blow up again, and again, and again, even after spraying it down with an extinguisher. Hey, maybe instead of the inevitable lawsuit, the teen can convince Dell to give him one of those OLED monitors they cancelled instead.

Devon and his friend Andrew were supposed to have gone to the movies with Devon's parents at the time the laptop was charging. "Had he gone to the movies, our house would have been gone," said Tori Johnson, Devon's mother. And had Devon been using his laptop on his lap at the time of the fire, Tori said, "It would have been devastating. He would have been burned." According to the family's video, the fiery ordeal went on for nearly seven minutes. After Devon blew out the first fire, his friend Andrew unplugged the laptop. They then took it outside and put it on a table. Three minutes later, while unplugged, the computer caught on fire again.