Tuesday February 07, 2017

Sony’s New Smartphone CMOS Image Sensor Captures Full HD Video at 1000 FPS

How’d they manage that? Well, the company figured out how to integrate DRAM into their CMOS image sensorآ—a world’s first. The additional memory layer means very fast data readout speeds, which allows for all sorts of neat stuff that include capturing fast-moving subjects with minimal focal plane distortion, as well as super-slow-motion movies at up to 1,000 frames per second.

آ…the sensor's standout feature is super slow-mo. As shown below, 1,000 fps is pushing into Phantom Flex camera territory, letting you see the impact of a ball on a bat or a dog vault in precise detail. What's more, Sony says that smartphones could detect sudden movement and automatically launch the high-speed mode, so you only use it when needed. Thanks to the DRAM buffer layer, it would work on any smartphone with a regular image processor. By contrast, the Google Pixel, one of the better slow-mo models out there, can only do 120 fps at full HD, less than an eighth of the Sony sensor's capability.