Tuesday February 07, 2017

Own a Computer with a DVD Drive? You May Be Owed $10

Sweet, here comes another settlement amount that I can’t even buy a proper meal with. From what I understand, Sony, NEC, and other big manufacturers had plotted together to increase profits from the optical drives they were selling. As you could assume, they didn’t get away with it. What is interesting is that the claim submission site doesn’t appear to ask for any definitive proof that you even owned a DVD driveآ—you can claim three products, so this could be an opportunity to pocket $30 for no reason (okay, it is starting to sound like a Slickdeals FP post now). Do you guys even have a disc drive installed anymore on your current rig/s?

News Image

آ…companies were accused of colluding to inflate the prices of optical drives sold to big computer companies and retailers. When HP and Dell placed orders for lots of optical discs, the lawsuit alleged, competing drive makers would share their bids with each other to keep prices high. When the US Department of Justice investigated the issue, at least one Hitachi-LG executive was sentenced to serve six months in prison after pleading guilty to the conspiracy. What does this all mean for you? If you bought a computer with a DVD drive (or a standalone DVD drive for a computer, including external ones) between April 1, 2003 and December 31, 2008, you're eligible to receive $10 for each drive you purchased as a result of the settlement. You must submit your claim here or by mail before July 1, 2017.