Tuesday February 07, 2017

Intel Reportedly Preparing Two New Chips in Kaby Lake Refresh

The folks over at Canard PC have certainly been getting lots of attention lately. Now they have some fresh rumors about a pair of new Intel Kaby Lake CPU's. (Link to article translated from French using Google Translate.) They report that we will likely soon be seeing a Core i7-7740K at 4.3Ghz (100mhz above the 7700K) and a Core i5-7640K at 4.0Ghz. Interestingly they are also suggesting that the i5 part may get Hyperthreading.

Canard PC makes a big deal out of this being Intel's response to Ryzen, but I am not sure I am convinced. Judging by the 2700K, 2550K, 4790K and 4690K, this wouldn't be the first time Intel launched a mid-generation refresh, though this does seem a little sooner than in the past.

As always with these rumors, I take them with a truckload of salt, but it will be interesting to see if these pan out or if they are, well, a canard.

News Image

Translated via Google Translate from the original French:

We should very soon have access to a Core i5 7640K, which will allow us to confirm this information and give you more details about the frequencies in Turbo mode. Given the excitement at Intel, and according to the first tests on final Ryzen processors, other models could quickly complement these CPUs. Conversely, Intel is currently testing the Core i5 7640K and 7740K with its major customers but does not guarantee them a final sale. The manufacturer wants to ensure that it can respond almost immediately (within a few days) in case AMD changes its plans at the last minute. However, the validation of new processors is a time-consuming process, especially when they incorporate sensitive modifications such as activation of HT on Core i5. However, the democratization of 4C / 8T models in the mid-range would remain very good news for consumers. Proof of the concrete interest of healthy competition, absent for too long.