Monday February 06, 2017

Youtube Celebrity Admits Guilt to FIFA Gambling Offences

Craig Douglas, a Youtube celebrity known as Nepenthez and his business partner Dylan Rigby, have admitted guilt to charges that they ran a website to gamble virtual currency. By promoting his gambling website called FUT Galaxy to the 1.3 million Youtube subscribers of his gaming channel, they were able to bet on real life soccer games. FUT Galaxy was the vehicle for gamblers to transfer virtual currency from the FIFA 17 video game to be bet on real life soccer games. After winning a match, the virtual currency could be transferred back into the FIFA 17 video game using the same website, but many times it was sold on the black market which gives the virtual coins real money value. The virtual currency market is estimated to be in the billions of pounds.

My thoughts. Not only is this a crime as it is illegal gambling, but Youtube also caters to children. I wonder how many kids have been swiping their parent's credit cards to gamble after following this person's popular Youtube channel. There is no disclaimer on Youtube that this is a front for an illegal gambling website. I think they should throw the book at him for that also.

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Douglas, 32, admitted a charge of being an officer of a firm that provided facilities for gambling without an operating licence, and a further offence relating to the advertising of unlawful gambling.

Rigby, 33, pleaded guilty to two charges connected to the provision of facilities for gambling, and a third offence linked to advertising illegal gambling.