Monday February 06, 2017

GameStop and Target are Cancelling Nintendo Switch Preorders Due to Shortage

Seems that GameStop and Target are cancelling some customer preorders for the soon to released Nintendo Switch console. One potential reason is that both retailers simply oversold their allotment of preorders. GameStop for example stopped preorders then resumed them a week later. Target followed suit with cancelling preorders also.

Another theory is that Nintendo is holding back more stock for their homeland customers as Japan has sold through 80% of their preorders already. It is not going to be a fun time for those that had their preorders cancelled. On the bright side, this means that there is more demand than anticipated for the console. Also Nintendo has increased production to meet demands for their product in the future. Hopefully this means that the console is destined to be a roaring success! Here is the Nintendo Switch Super Bowl commercial for your enjoyment.

Another reason could be that Nintendo simply gave retailers a set number of units, but had to change it due to shortages and worldwide demand آ— for example, 80% of all Switch launch units have been sold out in Japan. But it seems that Nintendo is doing something about the pre-order shortages: the company has increased Switch production to meet pre-orders.