Sunday February 05, 2017

Samsung's Battery Blowup Makes Me More Likely to Buy the Next Note

I hear what this guy is trying to say. The Note 7 battery fiasco cost Samsung so much money and grief that there is no way it could ever happen againآ—right? Actually, the devilish part of me is hoping it does happen again just to see that eight-point battery test turn into a sixteen-point one, and whether they will cook up another apology video that seems more like an advertisement for the company’s testing labs. For those of you who got burned (not literally, I hope) by the last Note: are you going to give the Note 8 a chance?

Samsung now has a head start on safety standards that might have prevented this sort of battery blowup before it even started. With the pressure on to cram ever-larger batteries into ever-smaller compartments and no satisfactory standard for safety, you could even argue that battery explosions were inevitable. But Samsung got there first. Samsung will be the first to successfully pick up the pieces. I know Samsung has no choice but to do it right away. It could be a classic case of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger": Even though the company may lose $5 billion cleaning up the Note 7 mess, profits are actually up.