Sunday February 05, 2017

Lawsuit Claims Apple Forced Users to iOS 7 by Breaking Facetime

Is it fair for a company to force its users to update their software? Probably notآ—especially when it is done for financial reasons, and said software could make older hardware perform worse. According to this class-action suit, Apple did just that by (allegedly) breaking Facetime in order to save money, which forced those users to migrate to iOS7آ—an update that reportedly performs badly enough on older hardware such as the iPhone 4 and 4S that they become useless.

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Apple saw a chance to slow down or completely negate the fees in iOS 7. Among other system improvements, the next-generation OS included a method of creating peer-to-peer FaceTime connections without infringing on VirnetX patents. The only problem, according to the lawsuit, was that users continued to operate devices running iOS 6. Citing internal emails and sworn testimony from the VirnetX trial, the lawsuit alleges Apple devised a plan to "break" FaceTime on iOS 6 or earlier by causing a vital digital certificate to prematurely expire. Apple supposedly implemented the "FaceTime Break" on April 16, 2014, then blamed the sudden incompatibility on a bug, the lawsuit claims.