Sunday February 05, 2017

Denuvo Website Leaks Secret Information, Crackers Swarm

I guess it’s time to make fun of Denuvo again. You would think that a company specializing in security would be smart enough to keep its private directories, well, private, but that would make too much sense. Instead, Denuvo has inadvertently invited anyone and everyone to read their business exchanges with companies that include Capcom and Google, as well as examine what are probably sensitive files. Will Denuvo’s excuse be that their site was going to get cracked anyway? Who knows, but I can tell you that the cracking community is pretty excited right now.

News Image

آ…the company has left several private directories on its website open to the public, as shown in the image below. Most of the content appears relatively mundane but hidden away in the logs directory is an 11MB text file called Ajax.log, which appears to contain customer support emails dating back to 2014. While some are from companies looking to hire Denuvo, a notable email in slightly broken English appears to have been sent by Capcom. While any leak of confidential data is a serious event, this developing situation appears to be getting worse. Within the last few minutes, more insecure directories have been discovered, some of them containing relatively large files. Needless to say, the contents of these files will be of great interest to Denuvo’s adversaries.