Today's Hard|Forum Post
Today's Hard|Forum Post

Saturday February 04, 2017

Super Bowl Show to Feature Hundreds of Drones

While I am not the biggest football fan, the Super Bowl always manages to be at least mildly entertaining thanks to the performances and commercials. This year, we’ve got an additional gimmick: the half-time show is going to feature hundreds of lit-up drones. Everyone else is out of luck, though, as the FAA has declared the NRG stadium as a "no drone zone."

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Footballs won't be the only thing flying in Houston this Sunday. Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show will feature hundreds -- yes, hundreds -- of lit-up drones, a source with knowledge of the show's production told CNNMoney. The source said the inclusion of unmanned aerial vehicles required clearance from the Federal Aviation Administration, which has placed a ban on drones at or near the stadium. Earlier this week, the FAA declared a 34.5-mile radius around Houston's NRG Stadium a "no drone zone" on game day. But not for Gaga, who will perform under and amid the hundreds of lit-up drones on Sunday. It will be the first time the Super Bowl halftime show has incorporated drones.