Saturday February 04, 2017

Microsoft Tries to Reinvent Sports Autographs with Digital Signatures

Gee, I wonder if Microsoft is genuinely concerned about revolutionizing the signed autograph hereآ—or are they just glamorizing their association with the NFL again and making this another opportunity to sell more Surface devices? My thought is that a digital autograph is better than no signature at all, but it is just about as appealing as showing off a piece of good art using a digital picture frame. Get the physical signature; you could always just scan it later.

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The tech giant this weekend unveiled "Social Autograph," a new concept that digitizes an age-old art form آ— traditionally created with pen and paper آ— by taking advantage of the company’s Surface tablet and Windows inking technology. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, a long-time Microsoft spokesman, showed off the first-ever "Social Autograph" while appearing on Conan O’Brien’s late night show. "Our goal was to use Windows 10 inking technology on a Surface to completely reinvent and reimagine the traditional autograph in a way that only Microsoft can," Jeff Tran, director of sports and alliances for Microsoft, said in a statement. "These Microsoft Social Autographs give fans an all-new kind of digital memorabilia that’s more personal, shareable and will live forever."