Saturday February 04, 2017

Google Will Discontinue Google Now Launcher

In a blow to Android users whose favorite flavor is vanilla, Google will be dropping the Google Now Launcher app from the Play Store. Actually, I am not sure what the fuss about, since the Pixel Launcher remains available for those who want an "original" experience. I can only assume that the alternative is significantly worse, or that this is just another excuse to bash Google for making yet another pointless decision. Nova Launcher is working just fine for me.

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Google currently has two launcher apps in the Play Store; Google Now Launcher and Pixel Launcher. In a few months, there will only be one. According to an email forwarded to us by a tipster, Google has alerted GMS partners of its intention to remove Google Now Launcher from the Play Store in the coming weeks. OEMs that use GNL have options, though. آ…the Search Launcher Services library for OEMs that has been in testing is now available. That's what Sony used to integrate the Google Now panel (now just the Google Feed) into its stock launcher a while back. That means OEMs can slap the Google Now panel on whatever launcher they want.