Saturday February 04, 2017

Factory Replaces 90% of Human Workers with Robots, Production Rises by 250%

Robots, 1. Humans, 0. A factory in China has found that their wholesale adoption of a robotic force has nearly tripled production, and not only that, defects have decreased by 80% as well. Is this a prequel to the Second Renaissance?

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After a factory in Dongguan, China, replaced most of its workers with robots, it witnessed a spectacular rise in productivity. آ…the Changying Precision Technology Company focuses on the production of mobile phones and uses automated production lines. The factory used to be run by 650 employees, but now just 60 people get the entire job done, while robots take care of the rest. Luo Weiqiang, the general manager, says the number of required employees will drop to 20 at one point. Despite this reduction in staff, not only is the factory producing more equipment (a 250% increase), but it’s also ensuring better quality.