Friday February 03, 2017

Why PC Game Downloads are so Big

PC Gamer has an article up today looking into why on earth our game downloads keep getting so damned large. They blame things like uncompressed audio for 17 languages when you only need one, having to download alternate 4k textures even if you'll only ever play at 1080p, and forcing you to download both multiplayer and single player versions of a game, even if you only want one of them. To solve this they suggest an approach we are all too familiar with, namely the modular install. "Install on first use" anyone? Personally I think this would be a great idea. Install what you want, not what you don't!

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Just to break that down into more concrete terms: If the PC version of Infinite Warfare were released during the Xbox 360 era, it would’ve required approximately ten DVDs to hold all that data. Even with Blu-ray, you’d need two dual-layer discs for Infinite Warfare alone.