Friday February 03, 2017

NV Shield as a Game Console

I have never been a personal fan of the NVIDIA Shield, so I gave my kids the unit I had acquired to see how it would go over with them. Both my kids (14 and 16) are big PC gamers, so I thought they would be perfect for seeing how it was accepted since it was not my cup of tea. They used it for about a week, put it down, and never picked it up again. Fast forward to today, Jared Newman of PC World decided to see how the Sheild held up as a game console. Does not get exactly a shining endorsement over there either.

News Image

The Shield isn’t completely devoid of mainstream fare, either. It’s powerful enough to handle some games from the previous console generation, including Borderlands 2, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Portal, Half-Life 2, and Resident Evil: 5. Unfortunately, there aren’t many of these games, and their visual quality doesn’t quite hold up to their original console versions. If your primary goal is to revel in last-gen gaming, consider picking up an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 on the cheap.