Friday February 03, 2017

How MSI Went From 'Game Over' to Gaming Industry Power Player has an interesting story up about how MSI turned their troubled business around based on a focus on gaming and gamers, both inside and outside the company. Apparently things were not too rosy over at MSI as recently as 2009, but a shift in focus to gaming, including hiring employees passionate about gaming has made all the difference. This seems to fall in line with our recent reports of gaming currently driving the PC market as a whole.

Personally, I didn't realize MSI was in so much trouble in 2009. If they were, I would have guessed it had more to do with the financial crisis and a reputation for poor quality motherboards, after a series of high profile capacitor failure issues back in the day. With their motherboard issues many years behind them, I'm glad that this gaming focus has helped them. I just hope they are cognizant of the brewing backlash against excessive gaming aesthetic touches, we reported on last weekend.

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Unlike consumer PC owners, customers in the gaming world typically demand high-performance devices to help enhance their game play--and they're willing to pay extra for them. While sales of traditional PCs have been slow or trending downward, high-end gaming PC sales are thriving. Specifically, the global gaming hardware market continues to grow and is expected to reach $140 billion by 2019. That's billion, with a "b."