Friday February 03, 2017

Hot Hardware Overclocks the Core i3-7350K

Mad Marco of Hot Hardware fame has gotten into the spirit of trying our best to void warranties and having fun while doing it. He puts the fairly inexpensive Core i3-7350K Kaby Lake CPU ($180) on the grill to see what he can get out of it in terms of clock speeds.

News Image

The fact that the Core i3-7350K is unlocked and so power friendly means you won’t have to go nuts with a pricey, ultra-exotic cooling solution to hit some pretty high frequencies. With a mainstream, 120mm closed-loop liquid cooler, we hit a perfectly stable 5GHz. And with air, 4.9GHz was doable, though we were hitting the upper temperature threshold and may have had to deal with some throttling under prolonged load conditions.

Monoprice has and eBay deal doing on for the 7700K at $310, no tax or shipping.