Thursday February 02, 2017

Slick New Steam Client Interface Datamined from Latest Beta Update

The Steam UI may be in for a huge makeover, and it probably couldn’t come soon enoughآ—the current client is kind of an archaic mess to me, with its endless blocks of content scrunched together. Hell, I still don’t know what they were thinking when they decided to mix blue with gray. This new UI seems to draw some inspiration from Big Picture mode; you may hit up the Github link in the article for more images.

News Image

Steam beta users have turned up something very interesting in the platform’s latest test client. As archived by Steam Database on Github, the current Steam beta client update includes a bunch of code related to the client UI and some images which may be mockups or concepts for a potential overhaul. It’s a really different look for the Steam client. There’s a new navigation column on the left which can be filtered with various parameters, topped by a search bar. A row of tabs across the top guides users to their collections of apps, comics, games, TV, movies and music, as well as the main Steam Community hub.