Thursday February 02, 2017

NVIDIA Game Bundle Activation Clarification

So after some confusing information was disseminated on the web this morning, we reached out to NVIDIA to better understand the new activation process that will be required with "free" games that comes with NVIDIA video cards in the future.

First and foremost is that you will have to have GeForce Experience running on the PC you are wanting to activate the game on. Of course for GeForce Experience to work, it will require you have an NVIDIA GPU installed. If your free game came with a GTX 1070, it will require that a GTX 1070 (or better) be installed during activation.

Game coupon codes that are bundled with a qualifying GPU or PC purchase are intended for use by the purchaser. Repurposing the code is a violation of the bundle’s terms and conditions. As part of the coupon redemption process, NVIDIA uses GeForce Experience to perform a hardware verification step to ensure the coupon code is redeemed on the system with the qualifying GPU.

Terms and conditions state that a valid bundle redemption must be tied to a qualifying GPU purchase. If the game is separated from the GPU purchase, this becomes a violation of the terms and conditions and NVIDIA wouldn’t be able to offer the game.

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But we had some questions surrounding selling these codes, which we know happens quite often, and hopefully we can clear some of the confusion up about this.

If I sell that code to someone will require GFE for activation, correct?


آ• Graphics Card Requirements- Some coupons can only be redeemed on selected graphics cards. These coupons are typically tied to a graphics card purchase or promotional giveaway. Please make sure your graphics card is installed before redemption.

آ• Regional/Country Requirements- Some coupons require that they be redeemed in specific regions or countries. Please redeem the code in the appropriate region/country.

آ• Age Requirements - Some coupons have age restrictions due to sensitive content. Please check that your NVIDIA Account meets the age requirement

What if that person has a 980 or 960 card? Since that game code came with a 1070, will it work with a 980 or 960?


Or does the code require a 1070/1080 card to be redeemed?


Hopefully this clears up the confusion.

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