Thursday February 02, 2017

LG Patents Smartphone Design with Wrap-Around Screen

The flexibility of OLED technology is letting engineers and designers go wild with how they integrate displays into hardware, and LG has inadvertently given us a look at what could be the world’s first smartphone with a double-sided screen. This is the part where I ask if anyone can come up with a scenario in which this would actually be useful, aside from letting everyone around you know who you are texting or what website you are browsing.

News Image

It's not a secret that LG is exploring the possibilities offered by curved OLED display behind closed doors. These patent drawings show LG working on an original design that sees the display wrap around the smartphone's upper body, resulting in a virtually two-screen device. The bottom part features a circular element that could be a camera lens, fingerprint sensor, or home button. The phone's sides have no buttons, such as power or volume. The patent's existence doesn't prove that LG will ever release a smartphone like this, but it's refreshing to see the company conceptualizing new phones that use cutting-edge technology.