Thursday February 02, 2017

Gamestop Is Punishing Stores for Selling New Games

While there are plenty of places to buy games nowadays, this story does reveal just how much it sucks working for Gamestop. I don’t think their focus on used game sales was ever a real secret, but now this habit is clearly documented through a program called "Circle of Life," which will often result in an employee getting fired if s/he sells too many new games. I am not sure which is worse, being lied to that a new copy of a game isn’t available, or being sold a "new" game that has clearly been opened and then resealed ( I’m not the only one this has happened to, right? ). The only thing that Gamestop seems to do right these days is their store pickup feature, which is totally freeآ—that reminds me, I never did pick up that Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guideآ…

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آ…GameStop is incentivizing employees to stop people from buying new games and hardware. GameStop staff say the company has threatened to fire people who don’t hit these quotas, which is leading to all sorts of scuzzy tactics. "We are telling people we don’t have new systems in stock so we won’t take a $300 or $400 dollar hit on our pre-owned numbers," one GameStop employee told me in an e-mail, requesting anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to press. "This is company wide and in discussions with my peers it is a common practice. We also tell customers we don’t have copies of new games in stock when they are on saleآ—for example, Watch Dogs 2 is currently $29.99 new and $54.99 pre-owned. We just tell them we don’t have the new one in stock and shuffle them out the door."