Wednesday February 01, 2017

ZeniMax acquires VR specialists Escalation Studios

Zenimax has acquired Escalation Studios which specializes in VR, PC, mobile, and console gaming. Escalation Studios was contracted to create the wildly popular SnapMap editor in the 2016 Doom game by ID Software. Zenimax, which is the parent company of Bethesda Softworks, will put the new acquisition to work on VR projects across all platforms. Escalation Studios has a veteran VR team as they have created quite a few VR titles such as Please Don't Touch Anything VR, NCAA March Madness VR and Herobound: Gladiators.

The Doom SnapMap editor was really well done and this gives me high hopes for Fallout 4 VR. A well done Fallout VR title would really help HTC Vive sales and VR as a whole. Escalation's co founder Tom Mustaine is well known in the Doom community as he has worked on maps on Doom II for example.

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Bethesda has already announced a VR project in the form of Fallout 4, with a Doom VR demo also available. Although its most high-profile involvement in VR comes in the form of its $4bn lawsuit against Oculus, with ZeniMax claiming that the firm used code that it owned. Escalation was set-up in 2007 by Tom Mustaine and Marc Tardif, and has experience working on mobile, PC and console.