Wednesday February 01, 2017

NOLO VR: Play Steam VR Games on Your Smartphones

While I am not a big Kickstarter guy, and we all know that Kickstarter can be a big gamble, I think this project is worthy of mention. What NOLO VR seems to be doing is first of all, having you use your cellphone for a Head Mounted Display, instead of buying a pricey Vive or Oculus. What you are buying from NOLO VR are the motion controllers, and tracking system for your HMD and controllers. You then use your current PC much the way you would with traditional VR in that your system's GPU powers the frames to your smartphone....or "HMD" in this case. One of the drawbacks however is that it is a "front-facing room scale motion tracking system." This would not allow you to turn around and look behind you, as the tracker on top of your phone/HMD would lose line-of-site with your base station tracker. This would extremely limit you from playing a lot of VR games, "the way they should be played." Still this will surely appeal to some folks and allow them to get into real VR gaming without meeting the current, and rather large, monetary barrier to entry. You can find our VR coverage on this page, and see just how expensive real VR can get. Thanks to talk2troy for the heads up!

The world’s first front-facing room scale motion tracking system that is both compatible with mobile and Steam VR game play. Put on your mobile headset and interact with the environment naturally, turning the usual passive VR experience into an active one.

There are some more videos to check out over on the NOLO VR YT Channel.