Wednesday February 01, 2017

Intel's Linux Driver Team is Patching in Geminilake HDMI 2.0 Support

Intel has created six patches to support the native HDMI 2.0 controller in the Geminilake family of CPUs. Geminilake is the successor to the low power Apollo Lake SoC line. These patches enable Scrambling which is explained by Shashank Sharma of Intel in the following manner, "HDMI 2.0 spec defines a method to reduce the RF footprint while operating at higher pixel clocks, which is called Scrambling. Scrambling can be controlled over a new set of I2C registers which are accessible over existing DDC I2C lines, called SCDC register set." The specs for Geminilake include an up to 594MHz HDMI 2.0 clock speed, 4K video @60Hz support, and much more.

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Intel's forthcoming Geminilake hardware has a native HDMI 2.0 controller and as such the open-source Intel Linux driver developers are working on proper HDMI 2.0 support within their kernel driver. Geminilake is the successor to Apollo Lake for low-power Atom/Celeron/Pentium SoCs. Geminilake hardware should be shipping later this year. Details are still limited on Geminilake SoCs, but now at least we know (thankfully) there will be native HDMI 2.0 support.