Wednesday February 01, 2017

Amazon Now Accounts for More Than Half of All Internet Sales Growth

Slice intelligence has a report up today showing that Amazon now accounts for 53% of all internet sales growth in the U.S, capturing 43% of all U.S. online sales in 2016. They attribute this in large part to the very successful Echo line of products, and their willingness to pursue other risky innovative ideas. Thanks to Cageymaru for the link.

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Why has Amazon’s dominance continued in the face of stiff competition from every major retailer? Simply put, Amazon maintains an obsessive focus on removing every pain point from the buying process. This is clearly exemplified with its Prime program, with free, reliably quick shipping. While the rest of the market is investing to get our packages to us faster, Amazon still maintains a significant lead. By December of 2016, the average Amazon package was delivered in 3.4 days, compared with 5.6 from everyone else.