Tuesday January 31, 2017

Drobo 5C Self-Managing USB-C Storage Solution Review

Today Servethehome is taking a look at the updated Drobo 5C, and it seems like they quite like the device. Drobo have certainly made a name for themselves as RAID devices for people who don't like to mess around with RAID.

If I weren't the type to want to build my own, and I wanted to buy a Drobo, this would certainly be the one to get. This 5 disk model supports dual disk redundancy, a must in my opinion, as well as relatively high transfer speeds of almost 240MB/s via its single C type USB3 connector. It really stands out by having an internal battery backup allowing it to save in-process writes to disk in the case of a power outage, a feature that is usually reserved for higher end enterprise gear.

News Image

We will go through the eight pages here for reference, but it really boils down to inserting your drives, plugging it in, connecting your USB cable and installing the Drobo DashBoard software. It is very simple and straightforward.